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Our goal is to find and promote solutions which improve road user and worker safety, whilst reducing whole lifetime costs.

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Roadcare’s aim is to provide a unique resource to both the public and private sectors in road infrastructure across the world, operator, owner and supplier alike; by promoting collaboration and research in order to find solutions to their key issues.

The goal is to find and promote solutions which improve road user and worker safety, at the same time reducing whole lifetime costs.

We work across all sectors to help identify the issues and their causes; to source and coordinate research; identify and test solutions; to promote collaboration in order to achieve the agreed objectives of the client.

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Current Projects:

One area of current focus is to find, test and ultimately recommend solutions for the application and subsequent removal of road markings, without damaging or scaring the road surface. Historically, road markings have been designed and engineered to remain on the road acting as an aid to road users to guide them safely throughout their journey.

When you stop and think about it, it is quite an achievement to have a line painted between 1-3mm thick stand up to today’s traffic volumes. These products are designed to be hard wearing and perform to a high specification standard. This, however, has its own unexpected consequences. When markings need to be removed for road reconstruction works, damage to the road surface is inevitable. Evidence of man-made cracks and pot holes can be seen across many of our roads

Varying levels of damage occurs depending on several factors; road surface type, road marking materials, thermoplastic, cold plastics, paints or tapes; removal methods. Masking the existing markings is a solution which is often used but which can also cause unplanned consequences. In low bright sunshine, driving towards the sun, can prove confusing for the driver as a white, yellow or black marking will all appear to the driver to be a marking. This often leads to driver confusion.

As we move in to the era of autonomous vehicles which rely on road markings through cameras, contrast and reflection, this issue could prove to be a major problem. Research is therefore required now in order to find solutions which satisfy the needs of all interested stakeholders.

Our goal is to be a partner for the industry, providing solutions through collaboration across all sectors.