About Roadcare

Creation through collaboration

About Us

Roadcare’s primary emphasis is on road marking products, application and removal. Utilising 30 years experience across four continents, we use our depth of knowledge to design unique solutions to the issues and challenges facing road owners and operators today, with particular emphasis on road user and worker safety.

The company has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in this specialist sector, so is well placed to be a focal point for the latest developments and technology in the industry.

Through our website and beyond we invite collaboration between Highways authorities, road operators and concessionnaires, with the private sector, including researchers, manufacturers, suppliers and thought leaders.

The aim is to be a hub for innovation and collaboration. An unbiased focal point for all the latest ideas and solutions to the burning issues of the day in road marking application and removal.

Our History

Roadcare was founded in 1986 by Keith Dawson and John Gill. It quickly grew to become a leading player in the U.K. highways maintenance market. Even then safety was the priority, with the strap line ‘Ambassadors for Safety’.

Roadcare was formed of three manufacturing divisions:

Rommco U.K. (thermoplastic road markings manufacturing)

Firefly (high visibility clothing manufacturing)

Bridgecare (bridge deck waterproof membrane producer)

And four contracting arms:

Line Markings Limited (road marking contractor)

Line Markings Traffic Management Limited ( traffic management contractor)

Protek Fencing Limited (safety barrier contractor)

Reflect-A-Fix (installer of cats’ eyes / road studs)

Our Story

In 1990 Keith Dawson, along with Murray Johnstone and the Bank of Scotland, took full control of the company and entered a period of sustained growth. After a further 4 years Line Markings Traffic Management, Protek Fencing, Firefly and Bridgecare were sold to either the trade or management, in order to focus purely on road markings.

In 1994 Roadcare was sold in its entirety to Geveko AB (Sweden) where it remained for the next 22 years. In the period 1994-1999 Keith Dawson worked as a consultant for Cleanosol (part of the Geveko group).

In 2000 Keith Dawson joined Ringway with the brief to restructure its road marking contracting arm and to oversee the construction of a state of the art thermoplastic manufacturing plant.

In 2002 he became the founding Managing Director of Euromark, a subsidiary of Eurovia. The company quickly grew to become one of Europe’s leading road marking contracting and manufacturing businesses, with operations in U.K.., France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain and Slovakia.

In 2006 Keith Dawson was approached by the owner of Ennis Paint Inc from the U.S.A. to become a joint owner of the recently acquired Prismo Contracting Limited in the U.K., at the time it was the largest contractor in the country. This role subsequently became the Managing Director of the Ennis Prismo EMEA, focusing on material manufacturing. He remained there until 2014, building a sizable market share in the supply of road marking materials across EMEA.

In 2015 he became Chairpman of Highway Resource Solutions, a company focusing on intelligent traffic management and the Internet Of Things. The company provides unique solutions to enhance road worker safety and the collection of real-time traffic data.

Given his extensive experience in the road marking material and contracting markets across the world, Keith decided to use this knowledge to help foster innovation and collaboration in the road markings market. Hence, he repurchased the Roadcare name in 2016 and set about creating a focal point for the latest ideas and technology in road marking application and removal